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🎉Up to 10% OFF 🎉 ▏Use Code:FYY2023
🎉Up to 10% OFF 🎉 ▏Use Code:FYY2023
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For the ones who live larger than life , Rich genuine leather meets our cases with timeless quality and enduring character.

This is our new tablet case.It's light and stylish, it's also very convenient, it has a standing functionAdjustable angles Three anti-slip stripes allow you to set up multiple horizontal stand angles as your needs ,Auto Sleep/Wake Automatically.

Kindly Note: This product is sold exclusively by FYY US Tech. We never authorize any other seller or factory to produce or sell FYY brand products. All Products have INTERNATIONAL PATENTS. Only buy from FYY US Tech to get genuine FYY brand products with quality warranty.

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