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To make your laptop durable and long-lasting! Please clean and maintain this way!

To make your laptop durable and long-lasting! Please clean and maintain this way!

     As a partner in work life, laptops often play an important role, but laptops are always used in the process of improper operation resulting in various problems.

     To keep it company for a long time, the usual maintenance and care can not be missing. Today, we will share with you how to care and maintain the various components of the notebook.

iPad Cleaning

Part I: Battery

     The battery is an important part of the notebook to achieve mobile office, the battery condition directly affects the life of the battery.

Laptop battery

      Many people are worried that the laptop will be overcharged if it is plugged in for a long time, resulting in battery damage, in fact, the vast majority of laptop products on the market today are equipped with power management chips that will automatically disconnect the charge when fully charged and will not occur "overcharge".

      The main culprit for the decline in battery performance is actually "storage passivation", a long time to plug in the computer, and the working environment temperature is high, it will lead to a decline in the activity of the lithium ion in the battery cells, affecting the battery life.

Laptop battery power plug

So, we have to remember.

"don't starve": don't often use this book to automatic shutdown, always keep it in good condition, the battery is good to use.
"often activity": a long time to connect the power to use this book, every two weeks or a month to unplug the power consumption, depleted to about 50% and then filled to prevent passivation.
pay attention to the use of heat dissipation conditions and storage environment, the best working temperature is 20-30 ℃, the best preservation environment is 10-30 ℃ dry environment, high or low temperature will cause a decrease in battery activity.
To use the original power adapter and work in a stable voltage environment.

Hard Disk

Part II: hard drive

The hard drive is the "home" of the data, protect the hard drive is to protect our precious data ah.

     1. For mechanical hard drives, remember to avoid using the computer in an environment prone to vibration, especially when running professional software or loading games and other scenarios that require high-speed reading and writing, mechanical hard drives are the most fragile, and if vibration is generated, it is very easy to cause a bad channel.

     2. Solid state drives do not need to open the disk defragmentation function, which will only increase the hard drive read and write load for nothing, affecting the life of the solid state drive.

     For mechanical hard drives, this feature can still help improve performance to some extent. You can turn on or off this function as appropriate according to your hard drive.

     Right-click on any hard drive partition in This PC - Properties, click on the Tools tab, and under Optimize and Organize Drives click on Optimize", and depending on your hard drive type, enable "Scheduled Optimization" for mechanical hard drives and turn off "Scheduled Optimization" for solid state drives.

Part III screen

    The screen is the part we have to stare at all day long, if it has problems, we can not use the computer properly.

The screen is the part we have to stare at all day, if it has problems, we can not use the computer properly.

1. Gently open and close the screen, do not touch the screen with sharp objects to avoid scratching, and of course do not put the book on a stool or sofa, accidentally to a "big fart squat" ......

2. When not using the computer for a long time, try to make the screen off to reduce unnecessary life consumption. Right-click the battery icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar, click "Power Options", then click "Select time to turn off the monitor" on the left, set the time to automatically turn off the monitor.

3. Remember to clean up the dust and finger grease on the screen regularly, clean up as follows.

Step.1 Use a soft brush to clean the dust on the surface of the screen in the same direction.
Step.2 Spray a small amount of screen-specific cleaner or water on a dry screen cleaning cloth.
* Note: Do not use solvents such as alcohol, and do not spray the cleaner directly onto the screen, so that the cleaner does not penetrate the screen bezel.
Step.3 Wipe the screen in the same direction, you can clean from left to right, from top to bottom.

2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner Spray, can easily clean the dust and traces of the computer

Part IV: Keyboard

      Staring at the screen all day long, naturally, we must also touch the keyboard all day long, the keyboard is sticky and greasy gathering dust, not only look and feel poor, and if foreign objects into the internal body may also cause circuit damage, so we still need to regularly clean up ah!


Cleaning steps are as follows.

    Step.1 Use a soft brush to clean the keyboard crevices, along the same direction, from left to right, from top to bottom, to sweep the dust out of the keyboard crevices;.
    Step.2 If you can not clean out with a brush, you can use an air blowing ball to blow the stubborn dust clean.
    Step.3 use a cleaning cloth or cotton swab with a small amount of special cleaner (not alcohol!) Wipe the keycaps with more stains, such as WASD, pay attention to avoid the overall back and forth wipe to prevent damage to the keyboard and wear the coating.

Part V :Touchpad


    Not convenient to use the mouse, the touchpad can be useful, but it is a precision sensing components, more need to protect.

    1. In the use of the touchpad, be sure to keep your hands clean and dry, to avoid inaccurate positioning of the cursor or make liquid into the touchpad gap.

    Accidentally dirty touchpad surface, you can use a soft cleaning cloth with a small amount of special cleaning agent to gently wipe, avoid using rough cloth, so as not to scratch the surface.

    2. Touchpad is a precision induction components, do not use sharp objects, such as a pen, etc., in the touchpad surface scratching, and do not weigh the touchpad, so as not to cause damage.

    At any time clean, regular maintenance, this book to stay with us for a long time, become a solid and reliable work partner.


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