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Why I Love This Smart Handbag and My tips

No evening outfit is complete without a clutch. This rule works until you pick your must-haves for the soirée and bump into the question: how to fit everything inside a small handbag? I experienced this issue countless times as I cluttered my bags to the self-explosion limit, and I got wild on the dance floor and almost killed someone. The solution is straightforward: the 2-in-1 clutch like this FYY.

What’s a 2-in-1 clutch and how can ease your social life? 
Easy peasy: the bulkier item in your handbag is probably your wallet, but you still need it to buy your bubbles or pay for your transport. The multi-clutch combines purse and wallet, so you can save space and have everything with you. 

My fashion love-crush is this elegant croc FYY: a smart pochette big enough for all the essentials and all the valuables in a safe place! This clutch is a handbag and a wallet in one and beautifully transforms into a crossbody bag. Once the shoulder strap is removed, you can’t see the trick and what’s left is a stylish clutch. Timeless is the right way to describe it: a chic envelope with a croc texture and a sparkly band of faceted glass beads. 

I can leave my bulky wallet at home and put everything inside this clutch. Its logic structure allows me to have everything in order. My travel tickets, fidelity cards and personal ID in one of the 12 card slots; my phone, my makeup or passport in two different compartments, while valuables are hidden into one of the two zipped pouches.

(served right for you!)
Hide your credit card in the safer zipped pocket. Bank cards are ‘high risk’ items!
Store coins in a different compartment because they could scratch the chip of your credit card.
Chose your makeup accordingly with the space you have. Multiuse pencil makeup is lightweight and perfect for quick touch-ups! (I’m currently wearing a lot the new Neve CosmeticSuperHeroine! Pastello lip pencils and I’m still carrying with me my favourite Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Earth(quake). They’re both so clutch-friendly)
Use the shoulder strap for night outs and clubbing. You don’t want to lose your handbag while dancing, right?
                                           EXTRA TIP
A statement clutch is a big part of your outfit, complete your evening look with a simple bracelet. A total matchy-matchy idea if you wear your clutch as a hand purse!
With a 2-in-1 clutch, you can forget your wallet, not your money, not your comfort nor the style.

How I wear this FYY smart clutch? Call me boring, but I love it with an evergreen black dress...
Written by Valentina Chirico
A Student in University of Birmingham
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