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🎉Up to 10% OFF 🎉 ▏Use Code:FYY2023

Handcrafted 12 cm Singing Bowl Set: Enhance Your Meditation Practice with Soothing Sound Vibrations!

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Our singing bowls are also perfect for meditation and mindfulness practices. The sound vibrations produced by the bowl help to focus the mind and bring a deeper sense of awareness to the present moment. Meditating with our bowls can increase feelings of relaxation and peace, elevate mood and emotional regulation, and enhance spiritual experiences.

Heal your body and mind with our singing bowls. Many of our practitioners believe that singing bowls can help to align the chakras and balance the body's energy, which can be beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Experience the power of singing bowls in your daily life - order yours today!

Color: 12CM

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