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🎉Up to 10% OFF 🎉 ▏Use Code:FYY2023

Rf Lifting Radiofrequency Face Massagers Devices EMS Microcurrents Lift Skin Care Tightening Facial Massage Beauty Tools Machine

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* Size: 159.5*50.2*45mm

*Mode: Four modes

* Rated input: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz

* Output voltage/current: DC 5V/1A

* Rated voltage/rated capacity: 5V/500mAH

* Rated power: 2.5W

* Charging time: about 3 hours (charging status: charging shows red light, full display white light)


1.[Positive and Negative Ions]Using the Principle of Positive and Negative Ion Inter-Attraction, the Dirt in Deep Pores Is Discharged through Biological Current and Thoroughly Cleaned.

2.[Vibration] Mechanical Vibration and Voltage Stimulation Are Adopted to Tighten Human Skin, Increase Elasticity and Enhance Metabolism of Skin Cells.

3.[Warm] Warm Massage Promotes Absorption, Stretches Skin Texture and Makes Skin Plump.

4.[Red and Blue Light Function]

*RED LIGHT: 640nm-650nm red light penetrates into the dermis to promote the proliferation of collagen and elastin reduce wrinkles and restore youthful skin vitality.

*BLUE LIGHT: Improve acne, wavelength 415 has the effect of quickly inhibiting inflammation. Suitable for sharpness and oiliness as well as acne skin, it can reduce seat bacteria to achieve the purpose of removing acne and acne, and promote egg The synthesis of white matter and collagen activates the skin, tightens loose skin and raises

Color: JIT-L1926-WH

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